Whole lamb

275.00 $
Appelez: 819-647-3535

Whole lamb:

  • Baby: 8kg - 10kg
  • Milk fed: 10kg - 12kg
  • Light: 13kg - 16kg
  • Medium: 17kg - 19kg
  • Heavy: 20kg - 22kg
Contact us to get your cutting sheet. It is also possible to have a lamb without cutting.
It is also possible to buy a sheep of more than 22kg on order at the price of 21.50$/kg: 819-647-3535

Order here fresh meat from local, hormone-free, grass-fed lamb.

To guarantee the freshness of our lambs, we slaughter the animals on demand:
All our meat is cut, vacuum packed and available in standard and halal cuts.
Cuts of suckling lamb include: whole legs, shoulders, chops, cutlets and breast.

The benefits of our meats

100% natural lamb.
No chemicals.
No hormones, antibiotics or medications.
Our meats come from local farms.
The animals are free-range and grass-fed only.
The slaughterhouse in our facility is certified and constantly inspected to ensure superior quality.

Why trust us

At Pontiac Meats, we only work with professionals who take pride in their work: dedicated farmers and ranchers who care about the welfare of the animals, and who make sure that they are provided with quality food.
The idea of building a slaughterhouse was born in 2006, and we first invested to surround ourselves with great people.
We built a modern slaughterhouse that obviously meets all the required standards in terms of hygiene, healthiness, environment and more.

Shipping & Returns

Livraison gratuite à domicile pour l'Outaouais. See our delivery policy.


Due to the fact that our products are perishable, all sales are final. You will therefore not be able to return your order, unless otherwise specified.