Slaughter service

Slaughter Service

At Les Viandes Du Pontiac, we offer slaughter services for beef, veal, lamb and goats.

To ensure quality meat, 14-day on-rail meat maturation and chilled tenderization is included.

We also offer meat cutting and packaging services. 

Two types of slaughter service offered:

  • Regular slaughter in accordance with MAPAQ standards
  • Ritual slaughter in accordance with halal standards approved by MAPAQ
Service d'abattage - Boeuf
Boeuf entier - Demi Boeuf - Quart de Boeuf à vendre

Abattoir - Certified and Inspected!

At Les Viandes Du Pontiac, we only work with professionals who take pride in their work: farmers and breeders who are recognized for the effort they put into the care, well-being and the quality of food provided to their animals.

The slaughterhouse is certified and frequently inspected to ensure superior quality. Every slaughter day, an inspector and a veterinarian are on site.

We work with efficient and accredited personnel to ensure every task is performed in strict compliance with the highest hygiene and sanitation standards. Our competent staff demonstrate a sound knowledge of the meat industry.

Rate by type of slaughter and desired package


Slaughter packagePrice
Less than 30 months$190
30 months and more

14-day on-rail meat maturation.

$10 per day from the 15th day of slaughter per bovine carcass.

Lamb, goat and sheep

Slaughter packagePrice
Cut & wrapped $140

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