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Les viandes du Pontiac

At Les Viandes Du Pontiac, we only work with professionals who take pride in their work: farmers and breeders who are recognized for the effort they put into the care, well-being and the quality of food provided to their animals.

The plan to build a slaughterhouse was developed in 2006, and we put the priority on first surrounding ourselves with outstanding employees.

We have built a modern slaughterhouse, which meets all hygiene, health, and environmental standards.

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Why choose us?

Fresh meat
By buying meat produced in our region, you will support the local economy and prevent the meat from travelling thousands of kilometres before you can enjoy it.
Local livestock farming
Our farmers ensure the well-being of the animals and their development under optimal, natural conditions and our meat is exclusively grass-fed.
Natural growth
Our animals roam freely and are raised without hormones, antibiotics or medication.
Butcher services
We offer a wide variety of cuts. The meat is vacuum-packed for maximum freshness.

Advanced technology

We have also implemented state-of-the-art technologies such as a remotely managed multi-speed air-cooling system for cooling meat carcasses, and a vacuum packaging system. But above all, this advanced technology means there is no need to use chemicals on the meat to reduce the bacterial load; everything is natural!

Les Viandes du Pontiac: simply Canada’s best online butcher shop and meat delivery service.

Certified staff

We work with efficient and accredited personnel to ensure every task is performed in strict compliance with the highest hygiene and sanitation standards. Our competent staff demonstrates a sound knowledge of the meat industry.

Our goal is to reduce the time between slaughter and delivery as much as possible, while still respecting the required maturation times for fresh, tender meat. Our efforts to bridge the gap between farm and table, and farmer and consumer, is a clear indication of our desire to achieve this goal.